Minor Lacrosse Modifications


Minor Lacrosse Modifications

  1. All Female regulations are in in accordance with APPENDIX H (LC Woman’s Box Rules)

  2. U13: In accordance with LC (Option X) rules

    1. Defensive player may place their stick on the ball carrier and use equal pressure to prevent her movement.

    2. Stick contact is only allowed on non-ball-carrier in the 24-foot dotted line and the contact may only be equal pressure to prevent her movement.

    3. Any offensive player (including the ball-carrier) who deliberately charges directly at a defensive player may be assessed a charging penalty.

    4. There is to be no body-checking.

    5. A defensive player may check an offensive player by placing their stick head on an opponent player’s stick head.

  3. U15 & ABOVE  In accordance with LC rules.

    1. No Modifications



  1. Defensive players can initiate contact on the ball carrier anywhere on the floor; however, the defensive player can not fold the arms inward to gain momentum with an outward pushing motion. The direction is now " Place and Direct" to the left or right. 

  2. Contact on players not carrying the ball, anywhere on the floor, is not allowed (no ball, no push). 

  3. Players can clamp the stick of an opposing ball carrier as long as the stick makes no contact anywhere on the ball carrier’s body.

  4. Body checking is strictly prohibited. 

  5. A stick coming from above the shoulders onto an opposing player’s stick or body is a penalty, as is any attempted stick check that misses and contacts any part of the body (to be called at referee's discretion as per LCRule 64a).

  6. The penalty for an offense under ‘contact limitations’ and ‘overly aggressive play’ will fall under the unnecessary roughness rule (LC Rule 72a).

  7. In addition to the aforementioned regulations, all LC playing rules will apply.  The fall back rule applies when possession is gained by the goalkeeper. All defensive players must enter their own zone. Once all defensive players are in their own zone, they are free to go wherever they want. The goalkeeper must attempt an overhand pass of the ball to one of the offensive players who must be at least 18 feet from the crease, on or beyond the 24 foot circle.

  8. If a team were to have a goalie that could deliver a fast break pass faster than opposition can get back to their zone, defending players may not touch the ball carrier until they are back in their defensive zone.

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