Minor Lacrosse Timekeeper / Scorer Information


Important note:  no texting allowed during the games!  We need your full attention on your duties, the score clock, the 30 second clock and the gamesheet!

FOR 2024 Season: NSLOA will be transitioning to Online Game Sheets. All minor officials will need a mobile device to complete game data. 

Please stay tuned for additional information on the RAMP Gamesheet tool.

Download the RAMP Gamesheet App: Google Play Store or Apple App Store 


  1. For every division, the games will start as soon as the 5-minute warm up ends or no later than 10 minutes past the scheduled start time (the clock will start running even if the teams aren’t ready to play).  At the scheduled start time, the timekeeper will ring the buzzer and star the clock for the 5-minute warm up. 
  2. U11, U13, U15 and U17 (Female) will play 3 X 15 minute periods, straight time EXCEPT the last three minutes of the game will be stop time UNLESS delays make it impossible to finish the game in the 1-hour time allotment.  If necessary, at the referee’s discretion, clock will run all straight time and game may even be shortened in order to finish on schedule.  Each team is allowed 1 X 30 second time out per game.
  3. U17 (CO-Ed) will play 3 X 20 minutes periods, straight time, EXCEPT the last 3 minutes of the game will be stop time UNLESS delays make it impossibe to finish the game in the 1.5-hour time allotment.  If necessary, at the referee's discretion, clock will run all straight time and game may even be shortened in order to finish on schedule.  Each team is allowed 1 X 30 second time out per game.

Minor Officials Game Rates

The break down of minor officials fees for 2024 are listed below:


Minor Lacrosse
Division Timer     Scorekeeper If Only One Minor Official
U11 $11.50 $11.50 $23.00
U13 $13.00 $13.00 $26.00
U15 $16.00 $16.00 $32.00
U17 (Coed) $24.00 $24.00 $48.00
U17 (Female) $16.00 $16.00 $32.00

The per game fee means that if there is only one minor official, they would get BOTH game fees.  

Note:  it is the league preference that each club provide 2 trained, dedicated timekeepers.  The gamesheet is the official game document and must be completed diligently and accurately.  

Also, no use of mobile phones allowed during the game other than the use of the Gamesheet App, no friends and no girl/boy friends are to be in the timekeepers box with you!  Remember this is a job and you are responsible to do it well!

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